Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Brilliant day in Barnsley



I had a brilliant day at Barnsley Independent Alzheimer's and Dementia Support yesterday, and came away thrilled by their sheer guts and determination to do well for all who have this illness and their carers.


These were a wonderful group of people who are dedicated to their role and nothing seems to phase them.


Some charities cover people with dementia and not the carers, and some go the other way, looking after the carers. But this group has services for people with dementia as well as services for carers and ex carers.


They also have mixed services where people with dementia and carers join in, which is brilliant, as these services take in all sorts of things including day trips etc.


The services they have going there go further than anything I have seen up till now, and for an independent group they really have done well in raising awareness and funding.


They started off in 2010 and now have 70 volunteers and staff which is brilliant.


Well done to all concerned.


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