Sunday, 12 February 2017

Three Nations Dementia Working Group

I was told two weeks ago,  that a new dementia Working group is being set up, and I had been invited to get involved with it

The members were drawn from England,  Wales and Northern Ireland.

It's been a while since I did anything on this front, due to the fact we were unsure about my diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia, and my recurring chest problems, which have made things so much worse too. While the LBD  diagnosis has been sorted out,   my chest problems are still going on.

However the thought of doing something positive, to get others with dementia  involved,  spurred me into  action.

Scotland has had its own Dementia Working group for quite a few years, but the original English working group was restricted in what it was allowed to do

So this is  a new start, with a new working group and new participants. 

However travelling to London these days is becoming quite expensive if you are unable to book in advance, even with a disabled rail card, which seems to have little effect on the ticket prices now.

Because this was going to be a very early start in London, we decided to go down the day before and stay over for the night, because I struggle with early mornings, and the  thought of trying to think clearly in a meeting after a very early start, does not appeal.

In all honestly I would have needed to get up at around 4-30, to get myself ready, and then wait for a service bus to Durham, in order to get the 6-30 train from Durham into London

The meeting was being held at the Alzheimer's Societies new  office in Crutched Friars in  London, but as we had not been to this office before,  I had no idea where I was going.

However we found that we had stayed in the same hotel as others, so it was easier to find out where we were going.

When we got to the  meeting we found that we were with some old friends, and one or two new people, who I had heard of but never met before.

The meeting was facilitated by Matt Murray Engagement and Participation Manager, and an Alzheimer's Society Director Brett Terry.

The idea of this meeting is to give people with dementia a voice in these three Countries.

Although this was a group of people with the various types of dementia at the event, we hope to encourage others with the illness,  to step up and get involved.

Many regions were represented

Chris Roberts,  North Wales,    Linda Willis,  and South Wales.
Danny Brown &  Liz Cunningham, Northern Ireland.
Ken Clasper,  North East England.     Joy Watson, North West England.
Wendy Mitchell, Yorkshire and Humberside
Shelagh Robinson, West Midlands.     Alex Preston, East Midlands
Peter White,  East England.     Hilary Doxford, South West England
Keith Oliver, South East England.   Dianne Campbell, London

It is hoped that we can encourage new members to come forward and take over from us, when our terms  of office are over. This  can be one, or two years which ever is the best for those taking part

But anyone who is interested can contact there nearest named  contact, and put their names forward
It must be remembered that this is a group of interesting people,  who want to help others, and they are all very friendly to be with 

If anyone in the North East of England would like to get involved, I would love to hear from them and, I will gladly go to any groups in this area to talk about the Working group.

This Working Group is not restricted to Alzheimer's Society groups, but also open to independent groups wanting more information.

I am struggling with my healtlh these days, but I  got  involved in the hope that sooner or later someone else from the North East will step up and get more involved

This is a wonderful opportunity and a chance to speak up for everyone with the illness, while  getting together and meeting new friends from around the UK.

So why not contact me if you live in this area.

I look forward to hearing from people, from the Northumberland and Durham areas, who wish to be involved 

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